How to Stand Out with Your Business Card

If you want to stand out with your business card, there are a few things you can do when you are having it designed and printed.


Things that can make your business card not only stand out, but also be kept by the person you give it to.


High quality cards -- Do not cut costs when you have your business card designed and printed. Remember, in most instances, this is the first thing the person you give the card to learns about you. Make sure he thinks you are professional and have a high-quality business.


Choose a custom designed and printed card -- Do not choose business cards that look like everyone else's. Instead, have a custom designed and printed that is different than anything else out there. If you do, your card will always stand out from the hundreds of others many business people receive every month.


A card that fits your company's image -- A company should always have a consistent image in everything they release. Whether that is brochures, leaflets, flyers, programs or business cards.


Make sure the business cards you order fit in with your company's image. Be sure the logo is correct, the font is the same as all your other printed materials and the color of the ink used is consistent.


Make sure you also send copies of all your other printed materials to the printer so they can perfectly match font, ink and quality.


An unusual shape -- While you should still stick with a small-sized Business Cards, as larger ones will just get thrown away, you can have them designed in an unusual shape. This will make the card stand out when the person you give it to looks at it, and make it less likely they will throw it away.

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